Member Benefits

As a member of the IBBA Canada, you receive FREE access to the
Business Reference Guide (BRG)

Rules of Thumb for Pricing Businesses

  • Provide pricing information anywhere that you have internet access, even if you’re away from your office
  • Provide a way to research an industry before a listing appointment
  • Allow you to search all entries containing a certain word
  • Allow you to create a specific industry profile for your buyers branded with your logo, colors, and disclaimer.
  • Offer you pricing tips to copy and paste into a marketing piece
  • Offer you benchmark data to copy and paste into a presentation
  • Allow you to confirm the accuracy of your valuations with the most current data available, including entries added throughout the year

As a member of the IBBA Canada, you receive 20 FREE BizMiner Industry Financial Report downloads

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BizMiner produces the most granular industry statistical reports available on the market for over 9,000 lines of business.

The analysis generated by BizMiner is used by accountants, business intermediaries, valuation specialists, banks, business owners and more to help further their success. IBBA selected BizMiner for its accuracy, breadth of content, user-friendly online interface and commitment to customer service.

IBBA members will receive 20 free Industry Financial Report downloads per year as part of their IBBA membership, with access enabled on or before the IBBA’s Annual Conference on May 5, 2017. In addition to the Report bundle, IBBA members will also benefit from savings on other BizMiner products.

Free access to the ValuSource Market Comps database

Your IBBA membership now includes free access to the ValuSource Market Comps database (formerly known as the IBA Market database). It has been used by brokers and appraisers for over 40 years and includes over 39,000 transactions in 750 SIC Codes. Without quick access to comprehensive market transaction data, it is simply not possible to provide your listing prospects with sound advice on the MPSP of their business opportunity!