Business Brokers in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is a leader in economic power, with the highest GDP per capita of major cities in Canada, with industries like arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation & food service being the top contributors. Calgary boasts a growing economy, is home to many small businesses and is ranked as the second highest of major cities in Canada.

Affordability is one of the top factors that put Calgary on the map for the best cities to live in Canada. Alberta has no sales taxes, so residents only pay federal taxes, which in turn, reduces operational costs for a lot of businesses. Calgary, Alberta, presents diverse investment opportunities, such as food franchises, well-established restaurants, cafes, cleaning, welding, renovation, health care and even marketing companies. The city is a candy land for investors!

Buying an already established business with an existing revenue stream and staff is probably one of the smartest investments one can make, as it saves you from the cycle of establishing a team and the high set-up costs. If you want to invest in a business or are planning to sell one, get in touch with a business broker in Calgary, Alberta. IBBA Canada member business brokers in Calgary, Alberta, are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have facilitated multiple sales and purchases. They will ensure the sale/purchase process takes place seamlessly for all stakeholders.

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