Price: $495,000

Location: GTA

Province: Ontario

Industry: Manufacturing

Listing ID: 3567


In the dynamic landscape of industrial automation, an exceptional opportunity emerges for businesses seeking to revolutionize the end-of-line packaging processes in the blow molding industry. This strategic sale presents a comprehensive package of technical expertise and automated solutions tailored to the unique needs of this sector. The product and intellectual property offerings include a complete technical know-how package for a fully automated packaging solution which consists of an array of highly automated cutting-edge machinery, including case packers, case palletizers, bottle palletizers, tray formers, pallet dispensers, turntables, and conveyors. These innovations involve a modular design that enables flexibility to adapt the customer's floor plan and layout. Furthermore, they meet all the customer's needs to ensure the products reach their destination in a safe, secure, and cost-effective way. Listing ID: 3567


Aldrin Raphael Fernandes

Aldrin Raphael Fernandes