Price: $7,700,000


This building supplies and home centre has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the local community and has a strong affiliation with a leading brand in the industry. The current owner is retirement ready. The business promotes excellence, and delivers unparalleled service, addressing evolving market needs, and garnering unwavering community support. Consequently, the business has consistently achieved exceptional success and experienced continuous growth.

A defining attribute of this business is its unwavering loyalty and support from a multi-generational customer base comprising of tradesmen, local businesses, and general public. This loyal clientele epitomizes the trust, satisfaction, and recurring revenue that this business consistently generates. Additionally, the strategic location of this business contributes to its inherent value. Situated in a region known for its favourable cost of living, this investment presents an enticing opportunity to optimize profits while maintaining operational efficiency.

For astute investors seeking a lucrative entry into the hardware and building supply industry, or a synergistic investor looking to expand its existing business, this profitable building supplies centre in scenic British Columbia awaits your attention.

We invite qualified parties to connect with us for a comprehensive information package that subject to legitimacy of interest, and non-disclosure, delves into the intricate details of this extraordinary acquisition opportunity.


Total Sales: $9,297,571

EBITDA: $904,678


Pino L. Bacinello

Pino L. Bacinello