Buying and selling a business in Canada is not easy to do yourself. Find a business broker who can carefully advise you through the process to make it seamless.


Vincent Cote

Transitions Realty Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Jack Elias

Sunbelt Business Brokers

Toronto, Ontario

M. Will Fischtein

Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions

Toronto, Ontario

Waldemar Halek

Transworld Business Advisors of Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Rubeel Khan

Investive Inc

Toronto, Ontario

Joe Mota

Crossbridge Business Brokers Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Joshua Sugar

Workingman Capital Corp.

Toronto, Ontario

Are you selling a business in Canada or looking to buy one? Business brokers play an essential role in ensuring a successful transfer of ownership between the seller and buyer. IBBA Canada member business brokers are provided with unparalleled resources to enhance their education and training that help them conscientiously advise their clients throughout the process.

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