2017 IBBA Canada Education Summit

Ottawa Registration Deadline – October 11th, 2017

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2017 IBBA Canada Education Summit

October 16-19, 2017

This 4 day Educational Summit will cover IBBA Core Courses 210, 220 and 221. These classes are recommended for all Brokers to learn how to recast financial statements and properly price a business to close more deals. They are also required for all brokers that want to earn the coveted Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation.

For those wishing to achieve their CBI designation on a fast track, IBBA Canada has the following extra-ordinary pricing packages:

Hotel Info

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ottawa Airport

2881 Gibford Drive, Gloucester, Ontario K1V 2L9

Room Type: Standard (choice of queen or king bed)

Room/Night Rate: $191 CAD (plus applicable fees)

Complimentary Internet & Parking

Adam’s Airport Inn

2721 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1T 1N1

Room Type: Single Queen

Room/Night Rate: $99 CAD (plus applicable fees)

Complimentary Continental Breakfast, Internet,

Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa Airport

2869 Gibford Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 2L9

Room Type: Standard (choice of queen or king bed)

Room/Night Rate: $178 CAD (plus applicable fees)

Complimentary Breakfast, Internet & Parking

To Enroll

1. Enroll in the IBBA Educational Summit by clicking here
2. Log-in to your IBBAUniversity.org account or create a new account if you do not already
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3. Select the IBBA Canada Session and checkout.

Enrollment will close October 11, 2017.

IBBA-Education Course Information

Core Recasting & Valuation Courses (Taught at Educational Summit)

Analyzing and Recasting Financial Statements Course #210 (Credit Hours –

Ever faced an income statement that shows little or no profits, yet the company is profitable? This two-day course focuses on recasting financial statements to maximize company earnings while minimizing liability. Learn how to find and support increased earnings in a client’s business. Registrants for this course must have passed Course #130 or the Course #210 Pretest.

Introduction to Pricing Small Businesses Course #220 (Credit Hours – 8)
This course is the first in a three-part series of valuation courses; this one day course provides an overview of the business-valuation process for small or midsized businesses (sales price less than $3 million), with a practical focus on the use of the Direct Market Data Method (DMDM) to price a small business for sale. Participants will build on their skills and knowledge as they learn to use state-of-the-art databases to help calculate the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP) of businesses valued at up to $1 million. Course #210, Analyzing and Recasting Financial Statements is a prerequisite. There is also a textbook which is recommended.

Pricing Small Businesses Course #221 (Credit Hours – 8)
This course continues the development of important business pricing skills started in Course #220, focusing on those businesses typically sold for under $3 million. We will discuss the Income and Asset Approaches in detail and learn how to reconcile differences between the various Methods including the Direct Market Data Method. Find out how and when to use the Capitalization of Benefits Income Method, Excess Earnings Method, the Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Method and others. Learn how to argue for or against the substance of a third party valuation report. Course #220 is a prerequisite or you must have extensive experience with business valuation. The textbook for Course #220 is also valuable and recommended for this course.

On-Line Courses (Part of CBI Bundle Package)

Introduction to Business Brokerage Course #101 (Credit Hours – 4)
Learn about the role, value and ethics of the business broker in the process of finding sellers, preparing listings, finding qualified buyers, negotiations and closing sales. Become knowledgeable in the skill levels associated with the various business broker associations, certifications and specialties. This course is required for CBI designation. No prerequisites.

Legal Aspects of Business Brokerage Course #104 (Credit Hours – 8)
Protect yourself and your commissions. Learn how to practice more profitably and with more informed regard for the law, by covering some of the most important legal issues related to contracts, listing agreements, letters of intent and offers to purchase and closing documentation. Discuss licensing issues and explain, through examples, the proper procedures for listing, marketing and closing. Review sample forms that can be used in most business sales transactions. There are no prerequisites for this course but we recommend that you complete IBBA101 and/or have experience with the business intermediary process.

Building A Listing Inventory Course #150 (Credit Hours – 8)
Course #150 is an in-depth study on how to obtain and market a salable inventory of businesses. Learn the various proven methods to prospect for listings, determine seller motivation, create an effective listing process, avoiding the many impediments to selling a business, and properly package the business for sale. It is highly recommended that participants have taken #101, #301 and understand the Main Street Business Brokerage process.

Managing the Due Diligence Process Course #206 (Credit Hours – 4)
Learn how to take a defined and methodical approach at the due diligence process for transactions, whether large or small, simple or complex. Ascertain whether or not to take a listing and how to increase your chances of successfully closing each transaction. Discuss how to determine if a business is likely to have trouble during due diligence, identify possible impediments to closing, educate the seller and buyer about the process, control and manage the due diligence process and set up appropriate document review and control processes and systems. This course is applicable to Main Street and Middle Market. Course #101is a prerequisite. It is recommended that participants have experience with recasting, financial statements and dealing with legal documents.

Managing the Closing & Orderly Turnover Processes Course #208 (Credit Hours – 4)
In this course you will learn how to manage and control the complex closing process, enabling you to increase the number of closed deals and commissions. You will learn how to educate the seller and buyer about the closing and orderly turnover processes. You will learn how to identify impediments and critical items to closing, including contingencies that survive due diligence and third-party approvals, and to understand the purpose for the many closing documents. You will receive and complete an indepth review of sample documents used when opening and closing escrow, as well as develop and navigate a typical two-week closing plan. You will then learn how to assist the buyer and seller in the design and implementation of a plan to ensure a smooth and orderly turnover of the business. Prerequisites for this course include one of the introductory courses (#101, #301or #380) or a good understanding of the Main Street process. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you take #206 before enrolling in this course.

Standards of Care for Business Brokers Course #501 (Credit Hours – 4)
Update to:

Standards of Care for Business Brokers Course #100 (Credit Hours – 4)

Avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits with clients, customers and/or other
brokerage firms. Discuss firsthand experiences involving lawsuits, governing regulatory punishment and trade association sanctions involving business brokerage standards of care. Topics include: regulatory bodies that control and/or regulate the activities of business brokers; canons of professional ethics and conduct; IBBA Code of Ethics and Standards; trade associations that provide guidance; rules and regulations of business brokers and the 10 commandments for safe brokerage.