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Edmonton, Alberta

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Regan Brown
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Business Finders Edmonton
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Regan is the franchise owner of Business Finders Edmonton. His educational background includes a psychology degree with a business minor from Concordia University of Edmonton.
Regan’s business experience includes 10+ years in the oil and gas industry, developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations as well as the creation of long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships. Regan noticed a gap in the market and founded his own oilfield service company, this helped him to refine his understanding of the challenges involved in business ownership.
Regan knows the importance of helping business owners protect their customers and employees relationships in the business selling process. He is passionate about facilitating the transfer of the business’s culture and legacy, while creating opportunities for new business owners to thrive. Regan has strong negotiating and problem solving skills with an acuity for creating mutually beneficial experiences for buyers and sellers.
Regan brings to Business Finders skillful expertise along with an extensive and intimate network of professionals, guiding a clean and smooth sales process.
13119 156 st NW
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T5V 1V2