Price: $650,000

Location: South-Western Ontario

Province: Ontario

Listing ID: 3301-862467-WH


Servicing and distributing saw blades primarily in South-Western Ontario with some customers located across Canada.

B2B business with over 500 accounts.

Established small team with processes in place.

Equipment is well-maintained with no major immediate capital investments needed.

There are opportunities to grow the business with active management.

COVID impact: COVID-proof business with ability to continue growth as demonstrated in the most recent fiscal year.

The current owner will train for a smooth transition.

This business is ideal for:
- A local or out-of-province competitor that would benefit from growing through acquisitions and would benefit from a well established client base and a business name
- A company in tooling, construction, or distribution industry that can realize synergies offered by the business
- A hands-on operator that desires an established and successful business

CIM will be made available only to qualified buyers with an executed NDA.


Total Sales: $723,000

Cash Flow: $197,000


Waldemar Halek

Waldemar Halek