Location: Canada

Province: British Columbia

Industry: 2371

Listing ID: VANCOBC002-N550


Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions are pleased to introduce this offering of a well-established communications technology installation and service company.

Operating for over 20 years, the business is now embedded into the tender process within the region as a recognized, qualified, and trusted bidder on all projects in this sector.

The company last grew their crew in 2019 and based on the amount of work turned away, they are ready to grow again – albeit under different ownership as the current owners are intent on retiring, once they’ve ensure continued growth and a smooth transition with new ownership

All of their clients are reputable communications providers and recurring customers.

Learn more at: https://pmabb.com/for-buyer/communications-infrastructure-contractor/


Total Sales: $4,647,000

EBITDA: $1,868,000


Pino L. Bacinello

Pino L. Bacinello