October 4, 1:00 PM EST

Doug Robbins, founder of Robbinex, has likely been in the business brokerage industry longer than anyone else. He is a CBI, a Fellow of the IBBA and continues to speak and host workshops throughout North America as well in Europe, Asia and Australia.

In this webinar, Doug will summarize the results of his intensive study into the operations of the profession. He will provide the results of numerous “beta tests” initiated from that study and others since, offering a view of what worked and what failed.

The changes that have taken place since Doug started in 1974 reveal some fascinating trend lines from which we can forecast the future with uncanny accuracy. Changing technology will continue to dramatically impact:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Systems, Procedures and Documentation
  • Up-front fees, work fees, commissions, success fees
  • The services/products that will need to be offered
  • New sources of revenue
  • Consulting opportunities
  • Facilitating the expertise of others
  • New forms of competition
  • Education requirements

Everything will change. Join us for a peek at what successful business brokerage offices will most likely evolve into over the next 7 years.

Join us October 4, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST

Webinar ID: 847-874-651

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2017 IBBA Canada Education Summit

October 16-19, 2017

Ottawa, ON

This 4 day Educational Summit will cover IBBA Core Courses 210, 220 and 221. These classes are recommended for all Brokers to learn how to recast financial statements and properly price a business to close more deals. They are also required for all brokers that want to earn the coveted Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation.

4th Annual Canada Day Event at the 2018 IBBA Conference

Join us for another Day of Canadian Content Education at NO ADDITIONAL charge to all Canadian Members of IBBA.

4 Credit IBBA Course – Financing a Business Acquisition in Canada

Mastermind Sessions in the Afternoon

IBBA Webinar Series

List of the Webinars hosted by IBBA Canada to-date

September 2017 – The Evolving Brokerage Business-Presented by Doug Robbins of Robbinex

June 2017 – Understanding Working Capital-Part 1

Mar 2017 – Earn-outs & Other Deferred Payment Programs

Dec 2016 – CRM Systems customized for business brokers – presented by Omar Kettani of Deal Relations

Oct 2016 – Guaranteed meetings with new prospects – presented by Nathan Weber of Integrity Leads

Jun 2016 – Maximizing Value of a Business – presented by Mark Wardell of Wardell Int’l

May 2016 – Capital Dividend Account & Life Insurance – presented by Hollis Wealth and Rob Mitchell of Sunbelt Business Brokers

Apr 2016 – Managing Referral Sources – present by Thomas Gay of

Feb 2016 – Different Aspects of Business Valuations – presented by Greg Kells of Sunbelt Business Brokers

Dec 2015 – Financing deals using the CSBFL – presented by Lynn Johnston of TD Canada Trust

Oct 2015 – Financing deals using BDC – presented by Brian Cave of BDC

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Business Reference Guide (BRG)

Rules of Thumb for Pricing Businesses

  • Provide pricing information anywhere that you have internet access, even if you’re away from your office
  • Provide a way to research an industry before a listing appointment
  • Allow you to search all entries containing a certain word
  • Allow you to create a specific industry profile for your buyers branded with your logo, colors, and disclaimer.
  • Offer you pricing tips to copy and paste into a marketing piece
  • Offer you benchmark data to copy and paste into a presentation
  • Allow you to confirm the accuracy of your valuations with the most current data available, including entries added throughout the year

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PeerComps (PC)

Small Business Comps, Business Valuation Calculator & Methodology
Transactional Data


  • North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code
  • NAICS industry classification
  • Enterprise or “asset” price (furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory & goodwill)
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction State
  • Revenue
  • Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE)
  • Adjusted Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization (EBITDA)
  • Assets (Inventory, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)
  • Transaction price and associated multiples include normal fixed assets, normal inventory, and goodwill

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BizMiner produces the most granular industry statistical reports available on the market for over 9,000 lines of business.

The analysis generated by BizMiner is used by accountants, business intermediaries, valuation specialists, banks, business owners and more to help further their success. IBBA selected BizMiner for its accuracy, breadth of content, user-friendly online interface and commitment to customer service.

IBBA members will receive 20 free Industry Financial Report downloads per year as part of their IBBA membership, with access enabled on or before the IBBA’s Annual Conference on May 5, 2017. In addition to the Report bundle, IBBA members will also benefit from savings on other BizMiner products.